About me

“I feel it inside. These images are in me and I’m living my life waiting for the moment when I will sit in front of my canvas and start making these pictures of my imagination real.

I love drawing abstract fantasies, and I adore drawing nature. Trees, flowers, animals, water and the sky – my paintings concentrate the very spirit of nature that surrounds us”

 The biggest part of her life Zhanna spent suppressing her passion for drawing and painting. Born and raised in Russia, she was always told that ‘THIS is not serious’. This – means dedicating your life to art. So, art remained a dream, to reach out to which she must live through many other obstacles.

 She studied management at the university, got married, gave birth to a wonderful child. Then time for a change came: she divorced from her abusive husband, she opened her business and left cold Russia to find a new home in sunny Slovenia.

 Here, at the foothills of Alps, she found herself free enough to finally give more time to her art. Before, she was doing time to time, secretly: not so many people took her passion to painting seriously. The only people who supported Zhanna, who believed in her and wanted her talent to thrive were her grandmothers (yes, both!) and some very close friends. Due to these loving persons, Zhanna`s creative nature had a chance to survive in a cruel material world.

 Zhanna was a self-taught artist, but with a great willingness to learn. Despite, her teachers when looking at her paintings expressed the same opinion: this talent is a gift from above, and we must be very careful not to spoil it with standard rules of drawing and painting technics. Today, after graduating from some art schools and mastering all essential painting skills, Zhanna`s art changed and grew up into a more mature, confident style. 

She is still learning – actually, all our life is learning! She learns not only from her teachers she used to hire to improve her skills. She learns every day from extremely beautiful nature surrounding her hometown of Rogaška Slatina; she learns from her daughter – children give us so much wisdom sometimes; she learns from her inner light that gives her inspiration.

 She has no goal such as winning awards or conducting as many exhibitions as one can. Zhanna`s goal is to draw upon the talent she was gifted and to bring it to the world.




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